About Us

The Latin American  Studies Program at UCR is a long-established field of study. It was founded in 1964 and carries on the UCR tradition of strong interest in Latin America. Our faculty continues to explore the connections among regions in what is commonly called "Latin America" and the multi-lingual Caribbean as well as the links between the Latin American continent, the Caribbean, the US, Spain, Portugal, and other places in the world as we move to an ever more integrated global system.

Latin American Studies majors and minors acquire a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the cultures, societies, politics, economics, history, institutions, geography, arts, literature, and languages of Latin America, its nations and peoples. Majors also enjoy the opportunity to explore a wide variety of subjects of particular individual interest. This broadly based education is an increasingly valuable asset as the United States, and especially California, become more integrated with Latin America.

The major leads to a Bachelors of Arts degree in Latin American Studies. It also may be combined in a double major with other academic departments, such as Anthroplogy, Economics, Dance, Media and Cultural Studies, Music, Hispanic Studies, History, Sociology, Political Science, and many others.

Many students are already qualified to be minors in Latin American Studies without even knowing it!

Career Opportunities

Latin American Studies graduates are well prepared to pursue a number of careers, including those in diplomatic service, governmental and non-governmental organizations and corporations with Latin American operations, and teaching. Graduates also may go on to graduate or professional schools for additional studies in such disciplines as government, business administration, law, and Spanish and Portuguese literatures.

The Program sponsors speaker series, involving eminent scholars of many disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. It organizes presentations of important films, and cultural events for the community and university. Please see Upcoming Events for more information.

UCR IS HOME TO the Latin American Perspectives Journal: http://www.latinamericanperspectives.com/