Latin American Studies Major

The major requirements for the B.A. degree in Latin American Studies fall into three major groups. First, students must take Introduction to Latin American Studies (LNST 001) and satisfy a language requirement in either Spanish or Portuguese. Second, students must choose three disciplinary areas from the list provided below in which to focus their upper division work. They must take two courses in each of these three areas for a total of at least 24 units. Finally, students must take at least 12 additional units of elective courses in any area within Latin American Studies. Latin American Studies students are encouraged to take additional coursework at the lower and upper division levels. The specific requirements for the major are as follows:

1. Lower-division requirements (5 units)

  1. Introduction to Latin American Studies (LNST 001) or an equivalent course from a list of lower-division courses with significant Latin American content available in the program office.

  2. Proficiency in Spanish to the SPN 005 level or in Portuguese to a comparable level

2. Upper-division requirements (at least 36 units)

  1. At least two courses in three of the following groups (at least 24 units):
    1. Anthropology
      ANTH 109/ WMST 109, ANTH 111, ANTH 115R, ANTH 115S, ANTH 115U, ANTH 115X,  ANTH 117B, ANTH 140J, ANTH 140O,  ANTH 161/LNST 161, ANTH 163, ANTH 164/LNST 164/WMST 164, ANTH 168/ETST 148/LNST 168, ANTH 186/LNST 166, ANTH 171

    2. Economics and Business
      BUS 114, BUS 138, BUS 185, ECON 122E, ECON 178, ECON 181, ECON 182, ECON 185/LNST 185, ECON 187/LNST 187

    3. Education/Language
      EDUC 114, ETST 146, ETST 165/SOC 165,ETST 166, PORT 101A, PORT 101B, PORT 101C, SPN101A, SPN 101B, SPN 105, SPN 106A, SPN 106B, SPN 109A, SPN 109B

    4. History
      ETST 125, HISA 160/LNST 170, HISA 161/LNST 171, HISA 162/LNST 172, HISA 163A, HISA 163B, HISA 164A, HISA 164B, HISA 165, HISA 166, HIST 191V, SPN 172

    5. Literature and Cultural Studies
      ENGL 121E, ENGL 136, ENGL 136T, ENGL 137T, ETST 114, ETST 170/ WRLT 170, LNST 120/SPN 120C, LNST 153/ETST 153, SPN 102B, SPN 111F, SPN 111W, SPN 121E, SPN 122A, SPN 145, SPN 165, SPN 170(E-Z), SPN 172, SPN 188(E-Z), PORT 162(E-Z), RLST 138

    6. Arts, Media, and Performance Studies
      AHS 112, AHS 113, AHS 115/LNST115, DNCE 130, DNCE 132, DNCE 135, ETST 154, MCS 125(E-Z)/SPN 125(E-Z)/LNST 125(E-Z), MCS 171/SPN 171, LNST 105/MCS 185/SPN 185, LNST 109/MCS 179/SPN 179/WMST 179, MUS 113, MUS 115, MUS 122, MUS 174, MUS 175

    7. Politics
      ETST 111, ETST 123, ETST 156, POSC 157, POSC 159, POSC 160, LNST 142/POSC 162, LNST 148/POSC 158, SOC 181

    8. Ethnic Studies and Sociology
      ETST 108(E-Z), ETST 109G, ETST 124, ETST 127, ETST 128/SOC 128, ETST 129, ETST 132, ETST 142, ETST 155, ETST 161, ETST 163/SOC 163, ETST 165/SOC 165, SOC 181

  2. At least twelve (12) units selected from other Latin American Studies courses from the disciplinary areas above or from a list of upper-division courses with significant Latin American content available in the program office.