The University of California, Riverside Latin American Studies Program offers both an interdisciplinary undergraduate major B.A. degree and a minor in the field. Our affiliated faculty members are active researchers in the social sciences and the humanities. We draw on multidisciplinary experiences and a long history of research expertise.

We offer a major and a minor degree with courses focusing on Latin America in a global context. Students can choose from a wide variety of courses — archeology, history, society, political and economic issues, border studies, culture, literature, music, film, language etc. Many classes are offered in English, others in Spanish. Please see the academic program for more information!

Our enrolled undergraduate students pursue careers in international marketing, foreign service, international banking, interpreting, journalism, communications, teaching, etc. Latin American Studies is also a good base from which to pursue graduate study in the social sciences, humanities, arts, and sciences.

Faculty and students organize talks and events with eminent scholars and young, cutting edge researchers from the US and Latin America. The Latin American film series shows recent Latin American films and co-productions as well as some of the classics of Latin American cinema. Please see upcoming events for details and watch for postings on the list-serve.

We support activities and events organized by LASA (Latin American Student Association at UCR), OEUE (Organización Estudiantil Universitaria de Español), ALMA (Asociación Latina de Músicos y Artistas), CHICANO STUDENT PROGRAM, MUJERES UNIDAS.

Why to major in Latin American Studies?
There are many job opportunities for Latin American majors. Globalization and recent developments in Latin America have opened an increasing
number of business opportunities related to the region, and have generated a high demand for those with knowledge of Latin American culture, people,
languages, history, art, politics, etc. Majoring in Latin America Studies will allow you to find a career that combines your passion and interest on the field with concrete opportunities for growth and financial return.

Why to minor in Latin American Studies?
It will make you more attractive and qualified to find a better job by formally advertising to potential employers language/cultural skills and courses that you
already have or will have by the time of graduation.